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  • Who buys from us?
    Want to buy directly from the grower, knowing the origin of the product and the whole value chain; • Don’t want to be bothered by customs regulations; • Don’t want the commitment of a full container or the need of a big warehouse; • Want dates with premium quality, fresh the whole year; • Want a completely certified supplier.
  • Why only MedjoolPlus?
    We are the logistic extension of medjool plus in Europe! This enables us to free you from the logistic burden of clearing and storing a container. No more need for surplus or full containers. We service you what you need when you need it.
  • How do I order?
    Please contant us via email ( or phone (+31(0)70- 2212149) and we will figure out how to service you best!
  • Quality & Sizes of dates?
    Sizes: 9gr/unit ----> 35gr/unit Quality: Premium (0% loose skin) ----> Standard (60% loose skin)
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